Becky G Wants Summer EP To Quench Thirst For New Album

Up-and-coming singer/rapper behind 'Becky From the Block' dishes on which musician inspires her the most.

Although Becky G raps about how she's the best in the game without an album in her song "Play it Again," those lyrics will only hold true for a few more months. The 16-year-old rapper/singer tells MTV News that the LP is on its way.

"So my album we're looking at releasing at the top of next year," Becky told MTV News recently. And for those fans who don't want to wait until January for it, the singer has a little taste of her music coming even sooner. "My EP will be out this summer, which I'm excited to just give a preview of what my album's gonna be like to all my fans and the people who don't know who I am yet."

Though she says she has to prove herself to new music lovers, BG has already made quite a step up in the industry. Her first single, "Becky From the Block," got a co-sign from Jenny from the Block herself, Jennifer Lopez, who appears in the video. The video has more than 4.5 million views on Vevo. Along with J.Lo, the young star has been working with more creatives, like Dr. Luke and

"I'm just excited. The people that I'm working with on it are just being, like, in that creative environment. All these people are so amazing," Becky G said. "I'm working with Dr. Luke, his boy Cirkut, the Jam,, who actually made a very, very nice stop today to say 'hi' to me at my COVERGIRL shoot. He is like a big brother, has been a really big inspiration in my album."

Speaking of COVERGIRL, Becky has joined the beauty company as the face of new products like Flamed Out Mascara and Lipslicks Smoochies Lip Balm. Pink, Sofia Vergara, Queen Latifah and Ellen DeGeneres are already a part of the COVERGIRL family that Becky will share her unique street style with.

Be on the lookout for the rising star. As a singer, songwriter, rapper and now beauty icon, the teen is shooting to fame.