Fifth Harmony Have 'Crazy Cosmic Energy' In the Studio

'Miss Movin' On' songwriter chats with MTV News about girl group's 'strong foundation.'

Girl power has long been the philosophy of girl groups, and the ladies of Fifth Harmony seem to really take that motto quite seriously.

Songwriter/producer Jason Evigan, who worked with the "X Factor" girl group on their Syco Music debut , tells MTV News that when the fivesome hit the studio together to record songs for it, it was truly a one-for-all and all-for-one experience.

"You know what the cool thing about them too is they're really young, but you kind of forget that because they're super mature and the way they take care of each other and the way they have respect for each other is very different than I remember when I was in high school," he told MTV News about working on the teens, who competed on the "X Factor" last season and are currently prepping the release of their debut album.

"They really take care of each other. They really help each other out. There's no egos," he said. "I feel like they're off to a really good start. They have a strong foundation."

The girls recently released their first single, "Miss Movin' On." Evigan was a part of the team that wrote and produced the song for the up-and-coming girl group.

"The song came together; it was a couple months back. Me, [songwriter] Lindy [Robbins] and [songwriter] Julia [Michaels] had a writing session. I started playing these chord progressions. I don't know how it happened but I was like 'Did you just say miss movin' on?' So they thought of this crazy concept. And then I just feel like it was a dream. It was a haze," he recalled. "It just happened magically. So, me and Mitch [Allen, partner in The Suspex] produced it together and it sounds the way it does now."

From there, they played the song for Epic Records executive and former "X Factor" judge L.A. Reid who gave it his shining endorsement and co-signed it for the ladies to record as their debut single.

"I'll be totally honest with you at first I was like 'Oh gosh, a girl group... OK whatever,' because I grew up on not that stuff. The girls came in the room and their energy is so amazing and their vibe, probably out of every artist I've worked with, they have this crazy cosmic energy," he said. "They started making up all their own harmonies. They were rocking out, jumping around the room. At that point I was like 'I'm in.' So I got a couple of other songs on their album too. I'm a firm believer that Fifth Harmony is going to be something big. I got faith in these girls now. I'm a fan for sure."

The album has yet to get a release date. It is being executive produced by One Direction producer Julian Bunetta, who has a very specific vision for it.

"I would hope that every girl would just put it on, when they're getting ready to go out or when they're in their car going somewhere and they just want to have a great time," he told MTV News earlier this year. "That's what I want this album to be."