Jay-Z And Beyonce 'Dance In Our Socks' To Her Unreleased Music

Roc Nation boss also teases there's 'room on the roster' for Miley Cyrus in a candid sitdown with New York's Hot 97.

Jay-Z has been all about "new rules," but even Hov finds comfort in going back to tried-and-true methods. On Tuesday (July 9), Jigga dropped his Magna Carta ... Holy Grail at retail, hoisted an RIAA-certified platinum plaque and visited his old friend Angie Martinez, touching on a wide range of topics at the New York radio personality's Hot 97.

Hov talked about his new album of, course, but he also addressed Monday's Twitter spree, daughter Blue Ivy and wifey Beyoncé (and her wealth of unreleased material).

"Right now, Bey has 100,000 amazing songs, just playing 'em," Jay revealed of the singer's much-anticipated album. To which an astonished Martinez asked, "And what do you guys do, just listen to it in the speaker [at home] for yourself?" Jay laughed saying, "Yeah, [we] dance to it in our socks!"

While Jay does touch on his fears of fatherhood on MCHG's "Jay Z Blue," he told Martinez that he'd like to have more kids. "Absolutely, God willing," he said, cracking a joke about the number of children he'd like to have and his new role as a sports agent : "Get this little basketball team going. ... It's all part of the elaborate plan."

The rapper and business mogul was charming throughout the interview. He shot down the notion that he and Bey would ever do a Best of Both Worlds-style duet album and praised his pal Kanye West for his work on Yeezus. "I love it," he said of West's experimental LP. "It's polarizing because it's art. That's what art is; it forces you to have an opinion."

Jay also touched on another polarizing music figure, pop singer and actress Miley Cyrus. On "Somewhereinamerica," another Magna Carta track, Hov unpacks complex racial and societal issues, pitting new money versus old money. To illustrate his point he encourages Miley Cyrus to twerk her heart away. The lyric has sparked a ton of conversation and even a reaction from Miley in the days since the album's July 4 Samsung-backed release (and eventual leak).

"I think it's more reaction to people [who] want her to be Hannah Montana," the rapper said of Miley's new association with hip-hop, black culture and twerking.

Hov speculated on Cyrus' situation, guessing that she feels frustrated with being boxed in to her "Hannah Montana" role. "People want her to be something and she's like, 'I'm not that,' " he said. "That must be really frustrating and this is her reaction to it. Of course, maybe it's loud, but it's understandable."

Is it so understandable that Jay might add Miley to his Roc Nation label and management arm? "Hey, there's room on the roster," he said with a chuckle.