Jay-Z Goes 'H.A.M.' On Twitter, Says Magna Carta May Be Fourth Best LP

Normally Twitter-shy Hov responds to fans one day before his latest album hits stores.

What started out as a pretty normal Twitter Monday got a jolt when the usually inactive Jay-Z popped up, randomly responding to fans for a few hours.

Prior to Monday (July 8), Hov suggested that he had met his "yearly allotment" of digital entries back on June 17, but with his Magna Carta Holy Grail album officially hitting stores on Tuesday, Jay shockingly hopped onto Twitter to answer some pressing — and some not so pressing — questions.

"Wait, isn't poaching elephant tusks illegal, though? #Oceans #MagnaCarta," Hiphopwired.com editor Alvin Blanco asked before Hov volleyed back for his first tweet of the day: "yeah, so is lying about American history, but I def digress. *my laugh."

While Jay loves Magna Carta, he wouldn't go as far to say that it's his best album; after all, the man has so many to choose from. "Do you think MCHG is your best work," asked @Beyonce_Miami, who we suspect has zero relation to Jigga's wife.

"[Hard to beat RD, BP1, TBA. It can fight for 4th #factsonly]," he replied referencing his 1996 debut Reasonable Doubt, 2001's The Blueprint and 2003's "The Black Album."

When asked if he would recruit his dear friend the Notorious B.I.G. if he were still alive still alive, Jay seemed to get a bit emotional. "@thebeginnin Would BIG be on the #MCHG if he was here ?? [Are you going for tears???? wow.oh, sorry, absolutely. BK style]," he said before adding that he shot "6 pieces of art" (read: music videos) for the album.

"Why is 'Beach is Better' so short man??? #needmore," @SteveHiggz asked about MCHG's 55-second track. "[This is how I feel about vacation. Just when,]," Hov responded before cutting his tweet short.

If you ever wondered what Jigga's favorite cereal is, wonder no more. "[cap'n crunch growing up. I haven't had cereal in a bit #factsonly]," he revealed to @Timberflake27.

The majority of Jay's tweets were hashtagged "#factsonly" while some where hashtagged "#mylaugh" after he made a joke to represent a digital version of his famous chuckle.

Jigga touched on his famous 1995 Stretch and Bobbito freestyle alongside slain rap favorite Big L and dispelled rumors that it was actually his protégé Memphis Bleek who is behind the tweet-spree. "[you ARE worthy]," he wrote to @skighwalker.

@TylerBritter asked if the rapper still has "99 problems," like he rapped about in his 2003 single "99 Problems" and indeed he does. "[#newrules new problems]," Jay offered.

Then when @IgnantTone wanted to know the inspiration behind MCHG tracks "Oceans" and "Heaven," he responded with a more serious tweet. "[When 140 ain't enough] #factsonly Columbus didn't discover America," Jay wrote.

There is no doubt that Jay's Magna Carta release has him and his fans very excited, but when asked exactly why he was tweeting Hov was left at a loss. "[great question..I don't have a great response #factsonly]," he wrote.

Hov even offered up his favorite Britney Spears song when a fan asked: "Toxic.. jamming my G." A few hours later, Brit herself was flattered, tweeting, "You learn something every day! Never knew @S_C_ was a fan of Toxic! That's Big Pimpin ;)"

He ended the Twitter Q&A Monday night, wrapping up with "That was fun, Peace all #factsonly."