Miley Cyrus' 'We Can't Stop' Gets Cleaned Up By Rebecca Black

Former 'Friday' sensation is back, with a squeaky clean take on Cyrus' salacious hit, in Bigger Than the Sound.

Viral-video sensation Rebecca Black has emerged after a bit of an Internet hiatus — [article id="1665589"]home school[/article]? [article id="1665653"]Kathy Beth Terry[/article]'s house? — with a brand-new cover of Miley Cyrus' salacious summertime hit [article id="1709291"]"We Can't Stop."[/article]

Of course, given her age (just 16) and her squeaky-clean persona, Black's not getting as [article id="1709643"]down-and-dirty[/article] as America's reigning [article id="1709565"]queen of twerk[/article] ... so instead of bumping and grinding against dudes with smoking crotches, RB simply sings the song, accompanied by a singer named Jon D, who has very nice teeth worthy of a youth minister.

She's also replaced some of Miley's more, uh, [article id="1709303"]not questionable lyrics[/article] with appropriately PG material, so "To my homegirls here with the big butts/Shakin' it like we at a strip club" becomes "To my homegirls here, living it up/Feeling alive and are in love," and Cyrus' "trying to get a line in the bathroom" line is removed entirely.

Instead, the focus is placed solely on Black's singing abilities — you can tell she's really going for it when she closes her eyes — which have definitely improved from her [article id="1660393"]"Friday" heyday[/article].

And sure, that's not going to make for a particularly compelling bit of viral fodder. Instead, Black's song is a sanitized, slightly sleepy ballad that certainly doesn't offend. But given that folks are already saying Black's version of the song is better than Miley's original (or [article id="1708756"]Rihanna's[/article]), well, then she's probably already won. Again.