Why Jay-Z? Robinson Cano Dishes On Why He Signed

'It's always good to be around people like him,' the Roc Nation Sports signee tells MTV News.

Jay-Z cemented his legacy in rap long ago, but the Brooklyn MC has slowly been making his mark in the sports world. Hov threw down the gauntlet on his latest album Magna Carta Holy Grail and took aim at a big-time baseball agent.

"Scott Boras, you over baby/ Robinson Cano, you coming with me," Jay spit on "Crown", referencing his signing of the all-star Yankee second baseman.

Cano left Boras to sign with Jigga's Roc Nation Sports and CAA in April in a highly publicized deal. "We all know what kind of man he is and what he's all about," the Dominican Republic-born slugger told MTV News on June 17 when he walked the red carpet at the 40/40 Club in NYC to celebrate the club's 10th anniversary. "It's always good to be around people like him and share those good moments that he's into and get some good advice."

Boras may not be the biggest rap fan, but the jab didn't go unnoticed. "My music taste? I love jazz. I'm a huge Bernie Williams fan," he told Yahoo! Sports on July 3, referencing his former client, the four-time World Series champion and jazz musician.

The sports agent who was responsible for negotiating Alex Rodriguez's unbelievable quarter-of-a-billion-dollar baseball contract in 2001 also spoke to CBS Sports. In the interview he offered some key differentiation between he and Jay-Z when it comes to sports agency.

"Baseball has given us everything we have, so we give baseball everything we have, all of the time. We believe that this is the best thing we can do for fans, players and owners, to help players with their total commitment," he said before reminding that Roc Nation Sports has also signed football and basketball players. "We don't represent basketball players or football players. We watch, observe and listen to the game. We help the players who play it with a singular purpose, and that is baseball."