Nicki Minaj Joins Instagram To Shut Down Posers

Sick of copycat accounts, Queen Barb gets unfiltered on Instagram

"It's Barbie, bitch!": With those immortal words — along with a pencil sketch of her face — Nicki Minaj made her entree into the world of selfies, food porn and filtered pets known as Instagram.

Frustrated with copycat Instagram accounts, Minaj took to Twitter on Friday (July 5) to announce that she's taking matters into her hands and creating her own photofeed, under the name @allpinkbarbiedreamhouse.

"I do NOT have Instagram. OnikaM is NOT me. Guess I have to make a real one to counter attack. I'm sure that's why Instagram won't delete it," Nicki wrote on Twitter. The handle Minaj mentions in the tweet is a private account.

Since joining, Minaj has posted four photos, one featuring the singer in the classic "my babe caught me sleeping pose" (a.k.a. a closed-eye selfie), one that appears to be a reblogged professional shot with Nelly and Pharrell and a few artistic renderings of the singer. Since joining, Minaj has amassed more than 60,000 followers and several thousand comments and likes.

With 31 million fans on Facebook and 16 million Twitter followers, it won't be long before Minaj's Barbz start flooding her feed full force.

Minaj has had a rather embattled relationship with her fans in the past when it comes to social media. She quit Twitter last year for a spell after a fan site leaked some of her tunes.

However, Minaj's fans have already hit up her since-reinstated Twitter in droves to show their unbridled enthusiasm for Minaj's new social stream, with one fan reminding the rapper of an old January tweet of hers reading: "my 1st instagram pic gon be a big fat ass w/baby oil being poured on it. who's ready?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!"

That promise was not, sadly, made manifest.