One Direction Fans 'Burst Into Tears' Watching 'This Is Us' Trailer

Fans tell MTV News why the preview made them 'so emotional.'

EAST RUTHERFORD, New JerseyOne Direction fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming months. After they find out what the "Best Song Ever" sounds like, they'll get to catch the boys in action when their 3-D documentary, "This is Us" hits theatres in August. And it seems like all the excitement has them in tears.

Last week, 1D released the trailer for the Morgan Spurlock-directed flick, and in it was everything a Directioner could have hoped for, including childhood photos, trips back to their hometowns and most importantly, a shirtless and pantless Harry Styles.

MTV News recently dropped by One Direction's Take Me Home Tour stop at New Jersey's Izod Center to get their reaction on the trailer and to find out which scene tugged the hardest on their heart strings.

"You just realize how far they've gone, their three-year anniversary is coming up and they were normal and they went through 'The X Factor,' " Nina Aninipot said of her reaction when she first watched the "This is Us" trailer. "And it just blows my mind."

Directioner Tasina Berkey added," I cried the first time I saw it, I'm a little embarrassed, but I did. When they showed the baby pictures in the beginning of the movie, they were just so cute and precious."

And while others chose the more lighthearted moments, like Harry visiting his hometown bakery and Liam Payne fishing Harry out of the water, many were truly touched when Zayn Malik gave his family the ultimate gift: a new home.

"The part where Zayn buys his mom a house I was like crying," Vladyss Michel said. "I think it's just because he got so big, it's so humbling to see how he bought his mom a house. Family is important; it's good to show that."

Cassandra Hernandez agreed, "I cried especially with Zayn's mom, made me burst out in tears. He bought her a house and just the emotion, we liked them from 'The X Factor' so just to see them, how much they've grown, makes us so emotional."

"This is Us" hits theaters on August 30.

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