Kanye West Gives 'Pacific Rim' Rare Stamp Of Approval

Yeezus rapper calls Guillermo del Toro's monster blockbuster 'easily one of my most favorite movies of all time.'

It's hard for giant monsters and machines to get noticed in a summer packed with an Avenger, a Man of Steel and the crew of the Starship Enterprise.

But perhaps a glowing review from none other than Yeezus himself will put the Jaegers and Kaiju of "Pacific Rim" firmly on moviegoers' maps.

On Independence Day, Kanye West tweeted to the world about his new favorite movie: "Pacific Rim," the upcoming action blockbuster from filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. The Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures co-production takes place in a world where mankind has been ravaged by a plague of skyscraper-sized monsters called "Kaiju." To defend against the threat, man built an equally-sized weapon: massive mecha-suits called "Jaegers," which require two human pilots to operate.

"Pacific Rim" is an all-original concept from the minds of del Toro and co-writer Travis Beachem. It's lacking in star-power, with its most famous faces hailing from the FX biker show "Sons of Anarchy" and fellow FX comedy "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." And according to some box-office prognosticators, it's tracking to land softly on its release in just one week.

But none of that stopped West from loving it.

"I saw a pre-screening of Pacific Rim yesterday," he wrote on July 4, "and it's easily one of my most favorite movies of all time."

West continued, "This is not another 'Robot' movie. Guillermo del Toro is a master."

West's reference to "Pacific Rim" being anything but "another 'Robot' movie" is a timely one. Recently, "Transformers" director Michael Bay struck out against other "rip-off" robot movies that have come out since his record-breaking blockbusters, prompting a firm response from "Pacific Rim" director del Toro.

"We are far, far, far away from that in a very willing fashion," said the filmmaker. "For good or bad, this is my movie. This is my universe and my creation, and I do not create through comparison."

And if you take West's word as gospel, there is no comparison.

"Pacific Rim" hits theaters on July 12, 2013.

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