One Direction Fans Call Zayn's Tattoo The Mark Of 'Adorable' Couple

Directioners weigh in on Zayn Malik's new tattoo, inspired by Little Mix's Perrie Edwards.

EAST RUTHERFORD, New Jersey It seems like the love between Little Mix's Perrie Edwards and One Direction's Zayn Malik is going to last forever... at least on his arm.

Adding to his ever-growing tattoo collection, Malik permanently inked a "comic-style" version of Edwards' face on his right arm last week when he and bandmate Louis Tomlinson stopped by a Maryland parlor.

Fans, not surprisingly, were eager to share their thoughts on his latest ink when MTV News talked to them at 1D's New Jersey Take Me Home Tour stop to weigh in on the fresh ink.

"I thought it was really sweet of him to do that of Perrie because I know that they've been dating for a while," Calisto Hipolito said. "And so I think they are a really good couple."

Fan Francine Puglese also weighed in, "I was very surprised, but they are adorable together and I feel like they will be together for a while, so I think it's so cute."

Tasina Berkey added, "It's very unique, it's really beautiful, I think it's a really big step to get something that permanent, but him and Perrie are so cute together."

Even though there were so many fans thrilled with his decision, there were some others who expressed their concern, saying that maybe the 20-year-old should have waited a little longer before permanently showing his devotion.

"It's a little spur of the moment, I guess," Cassandra Hernandez said before her friend Katelynn Gidffee added, "I think he should have waited a little bit longer."

Directioner Nina Aninipot said, "I was kind of surprised. What if they break up? It's on your skin forever." However, her sister, Alana, did bring up a good point if the two do decide to part ways, "he can pay for tattoo removal."