Taylor Swift Relives Red Tour With Glitzy New Video

'22' singer releases live concert clip for her latest album's title track.

Put down that hot dog — Swifties have a new Taylor Swift video to watch. TSwizzle got inspired by the red, white and blue of the impending Independence Day to debut her colorful clip for the live version of "Red."

For those who haven't been to the singer's Red tour, which has been making its way around the globe for months, the new video pastes together highlights from the show. As if you were seeing her live, Taylor emerges onstage in her lacey white top, high-waisted shorts, red oxfords and a glittery guitar. But first, viewers are taken backstage, where fans hung out with the superstar before the concert in Club Red. Taylor toasts to a good show with Swifties, gathering around in a circle to wish her luck.

With lens flares and flashes of red abound, the video pans out over one sold-arena to another. The banjo twangs and Swift sings smoothly while fans raise their hands and belt the lyrics out. An electric guitar takes an appropriate, high-energy solo.

Taylor shared some of her favorite moments from the Red tour to MTV News, but also said she can't peg one moment as a highlight.

"As far as you look there are people. It was just crazy," she said. "We've been doing a lot of stadiums on this tour and every time we play a new stadium, I'm like, that's the highlight of the tour."

And no matter where she is — as we see in the video — she's bold and confident, although she admits she only looks the part when she worries about the critics' reactions. "After Rolling Stone comes to a concert and gives their review, and when they gave their review I was like, 'OK, OK, OK. We're fine,' " she said.

But to Swift, those emotions are just part of feeling red in the first place. "Burning red!"