Yo Gotti Takes 'Act Right' Video To Home Of Beloved Mac Dre

Yo Gotti clears up T.I.-signing rumors and gives details on his upcoming 'Act Right' video with MTV News.

BEVERLY HILLS, California — Fans got pretty excited when T.I. seemingly announced that he had signed Yo Gotti to his Grand Hustle label, but according to the Memphis MC, there is no deal in place. Instead, Gotti told MTV News that while he's friends with T.I., he's excited about his own deal with Epic Records— along with his upcoming album, I Am, and the video for "Act Right."

"We just shot the video in Oakland, we went out to Mac Dre's house, used his bikes and all that," Gotti told MTV News of the visuals for his single, which also features YG and Young Jeezy.

Mac Dre is a beloved Oakland rapper, who was murdered during a 2004 drive-by in Kansas City, Missouri. His murder has yet to be solved. On the track's first verse, Gotti sends a special shout to the fallen rapper. "I'm goin' goin' back, back to the Bay/ Rest in peace Mac Dre," he rhymes.

"The whole record 'Act Right' is dedicated to the Bay Area and that whole culture, so I felt like the only way to do it right is to go out there and do it. I wouldn't shoot my video to 'Act Right' no other place in America but the Bay Area," he said.

As far as his supposed deal with T.I., Gotti says it was just all a misunderstanding. During a June video interview with VladTV, Tip revealed "Gotti has officially joined the gang," but Gotti clarified what that really meant.

"I'm CMG, I got a partnership deal with L.A. Reid at Epic, but salute to Tip," he said, shouting out his own label and clearing up his affiliation. "Tip's like my big brother, I just think people kinda took what he said at the wrong terms, I think he was saying 'Of course Yo Gotti's down with the gang.' "