Demi Lovato's Fourth Of July Single 'Made In The USA' Is About 'Real Love'

Songwriter Jason Evigan breaks down the patriotic Demi single to MTV News.

Demi Lovato has got the perfect jam to add to your Fourth of July playlist, her latest Demi cut, "Made In The USA," which celebrates red, white and blue-hued true love.

Just in time for the holiday, MTV News got the inside scoop on the up-tempo, Independence Day release from songwriter, Jason Evigan, who recalled what it was like crafting the tune with Demi. "These American romantic love stories [inspired it] and I feel like they're unbreakable through the years, through time, since the 30s and 40s and 50s, they still hold up. Real love, if it's made in the USA, it's never gonna break," Evigan explained of the song's patriotic lyrics.

Evigan, who also worked with Demi on her single "Heart Attack," shared some of the history of the song. It was originally written for R&B singer, Blair Perkins, two years ago but after Mio Vukovic, who helped to A&R Demi's May album release, heard the song, he knew it was meant for the former Disney actress.

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So, they tweaked the production to fit Demi's aesthetic, throwing some guitar on the track. "It was [always up-tempo], but it was 808s and trap drums and sounded almost like a young Chris Brown record. It's funny because if you listen to it, if you put a swag on it, it actually has a pretty R&B feel to it," he said. "[Now] it's got like a country vibe mixed with this R&B feel, which makes it kind of pop country rock thing."

Once the production was Demi-fied, the singer heard it and immediately fell for it. "She came in she loved it. She had the whole concept for the video in her head [as soon as she heard it], which is funny because she ended up directing it. I haven't seen the video, yet but I heard it's pretty awesome," Evigan recalled. The Demi co-directed video is slated to drop later this month.

He continued, "She recorded it and had some really good changes on it. She had some good ideas, just some lyrical ideas. If it wasn't for Mio having phenomenal ears, he really heard through the R&B production that this can be a big pop song and he was right. It's crazy how it all turned out that way."

In fact, those updates were inspired by some of Demi's own real-life experiences. "This song is 100 percent real to Demi now," Evigan said. "During the session, I can't say what, there was definitely some talk going on. She was talking about how this relates to her life in certain ways, all about her love being made in the USA. She owned it. She freestyled it out and made it awesome."