Jon Connor's Unconscious State Is All About 'Having Fun'

'What most people don't know about me is that I consider myself a music dude first,' Jon Connor tells Mixtape Daily.

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Headliner: Jon Connor

Representing: Flint, Michigan

Mixtape: Unconscious State

Real Spit: When it comes to lyrics, Jon Connor is as skilled as any rapper in the game, but there is a stigma that comes it. The assumption is that many lyricists fall short at songwriting, but not the Flint Michigan, MC; he proves it on his latest project, Unconscious State.

"The sound on this tape is crazy because I don't think that you can compare it to any of the rest of my joints that I ever did," Connor told Mixtape Daily, referencing his underground discography which includes the Eminem-inspired The People's Rapper LP and the Jay-Z-influenced The Blue Album.

The 22-track album dropped on Tuesday (July 2) on iTunes and features contributions from Danny Brown ("Vodka & Weed"), Talib Kweli ("Rise Up") and Royce da 5'9 ("Michigan $#!*"). On "The Sarah Song," Connor tells a story of life on tour and the different women he meets along the way. On "Michigan $#!*," he and Shady Records veteran Royce da 5'9" create a prideful hometown ode. "When I Was Young" is a soulful and painful trip down memory lane alongside Chris Webby and Smoke DZA.

"I guess I built up a reputation for being a spitter, but what most people don't know about me is that I consider myself a music dude first. Spitting and being a spitter kind of came later," he said. "I think I laid a pretty decent foundation for myself in the game as far as what I can do lyrically, so what I focused on more sonically with this project was having fun, to let people know that I can make those records."

Joints To Check For

» "The Sarah Song" — "I was fortunate enough... to be able to be out on the road and be able to experience a lot of stuff. 'The Sarah Song' is me being on tour and talking about those experiences. We gonna group all the girls that we meet on tour under one name, we gonna call her Sarah."