Snoop Dogg Talks Miley Cyrus, MJ Collabo And K-Pop

Snoop's Reddit AMA had him dishing on everything from his love of Korean pop music to his favorite animal.

Miley Cyrus celebrated her appreciation for a good party in her "We Can't Stop" video, and Snoop Dogg did the same when he touched on his "Ashtrays & Heartbreaks" partner's capacity to get loose in an epic follow-up to his December Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) Monday night.

Using the name "Here_Comes_The_King," Snoop Lion/Dogg took to Reddit to take questions from his legions of fans. Predictably, there were a lot of queries dealing with the old puff, puff, pass, but rolled into the sprawling Q&A were a few gems.

For example, after a fan asked: "Snoop, I NEED you to do a song with some Michael Jackson background vocals. Is there a chance?" Snoop responded: "did a song with Michael when he was alive! Its in tha vault." Yup, according to the "Turbo" star, there's an unreleased Jackson/Dogg track kicking around in the ethers — which is no surprise, given that Snoop has always been an ardent Jackson supporter.

Snoop also revealed that he's a big fan of K-Pop and that if he could do one song with anyone living or dead it would be Bob Marley. No real surprise there.

After the AMA wrapped up, Snoop then sweetened the deal by releasing a special video in which he answered more queries, including "What song are you most proud of throughout your career?" ("No Guns Allowed), "Is it true that you're the reason Dre started smoking weed?" ("No") and "I can't get any girls. Got any advice for a young 20-year-old guy like me?" ("Yeah. Strip club. Or Craigslist")

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