The Wanted Prep 'Perfect Party Anthem' With 'We Own The Night'

Manager Scooter Braun opens up to MTV News about the group's new single.

The Wanted certainly know a thing or two about having a good time. The party-loving boy band/reality TV stars will celebrate those late nights by painting the town red on their next single, "We Own the Night."

Their manager, Scooter Braun, confirmed the single to MTV News last Friday. "We Own the Night" is the group's official U.S. single off their next album and follow-up to "Walks Like Rihanna."

"I love [it]. It is an anthem; it is an anthem for anyone who ever had a drink and a good time. It's a perfect Wanted song, but it's like... it's them. It's a little British to it," Braun said of the track, slated for release by early August. "It's a little bit of everybody at the bar will be singing this at the top of their lungs [type song]. And it's just a really great, great record. I play it around the office and people just go 'What is that?' And they love it. When the boys finished it, we all listened to it and they said 'This is the record we've been looking for — because this is us,' "

Having already made a name for themselves with fist-pumping tracks like "Glad You Came" and "Chasing The Sun," the recently reunited group thinks that this next album, which follows 2011's Battleground, really defines who they are as a group.

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"They had a bunch of records that wasn't them and now we have the album that we feel like is them," Braun said of tracks they recorded before settling on the ones included on this next album. "And we have the song that's going to lead it off, like I said 'We Own The Night.' It is that record. And [it's] very, very, very exciting. It's a perfect Wanted party anthem, but like a memory anthem. It's one of those songs you'll sing in bars forever. These boys are all about having a good time and this song is an anthem for those who want to enjoy that moment."