Nicki Minaj Brought 'Dope' Energy to Nelly's 'Get Like Me'

'She killed it,' Nelly tells MTV News of Nicki Minaj's performance on his new single.

Nelly and Pharrell Williams already have proven chemistry, but adding Nicki Minaj to their mix on Durrty's latest single, "Get Like Me," perfected the recipe.

"We're just trying to stir the pot," Nelly told MTV News of his new track when he walked the red carpet at the 2013 BET Awards on Sunday night.

The single officially drops on iTunes on Tuesday (July 2), but the St. Lunatic has been sitting on the song for more than a year. Originally the track just featured him and the Neptunes producer, but then he had an idea. "Actually, me and Pharrell did the record maybe about a year ago and we were coming back to the records that we did, closing out the album and putting everything together and I was just like, 'Yo I think Nicki might be dope on this'," he told us. "We made it happen and I was right. She killed it!"

While the track immediately conjures up memories of Nelly and Pharrell's 2002 "Hot in Herre" and their 2005 hit "Flap Your Wings," Nicki adds in some remarkable rap bars. "You should follow my example, bitch I.E./ 'Cause I'm front row Isaac Miz-ra-hi," she spits, putting extra emphasis on her words, by breaking down her rhymes into simple syllables.

In order to match Nicki's spirited verses, Nelly also confirmed to MTV News that director Collin Tilley has already shot an equally "energetic" video, which should be ready in a week or so.