The Pixies Replace One Kim With Another For Tour

After bassist Kim Deal left band, the Pixies will go on tour with Kim Shattuck.

Meet the new Kim, same as the old Kim? The Pixies have announced that Kim Shattuck, of Los Angeles rock band the Muffs, will replace bassist and singer Kim Deal on their upcoming European tour this fall.

The Pixies announced founding member Deal's departure from the band on June 14, just a few weeks before the band released a new song, "Bagboy," on their Artist Platform page June 28. The jam — their first since 2004's "Bam Thwok" — is a driving, debauchery-tinged thumper and is accompanied by a chaos-filled music video. Neither Deal nor Shattuck appear on the track; the bassline is covered by musician Jeremy Dubs, according to Rolling Stone.

The band wrote on their website that they plan to play more new material on their tour, which kicks off on September 29 and marks their first in two years.

"Along with everyone's favorites, we'll be playing songs that we haven't played in ages or never played live before," said frontman Black Francis on the band's blog. "Songs like 'Brick is Red,' 'Havalina,' 'Tony's Theme.' and 'Sad Punk.' We've probably rehearsed some 80 songs, so we'll be able to change up the set at the last minute if we feel like it. We're all really looking forward to this tour."

The tour will span three months in more than 10 countries, wrapping up in the U.K. on November 24. Check out all the tour dates on the band's website.