One Direction Rock, Twerk And Do The Robot: Seven Fun Concert Moments!

MTV News heads to 1D's Jones Beach show to watch the dudes in action.

WANTAGH, New York — If there hadn't been cars, limos and vintage VWs lined up for a mile down the street, arriving at Jones Beach on a hazy, cloudy Friday evening would've seemed like entering an abandoned shipyard on the coast of Long Island. But instead, One Direction fans, or, ahem, Directioners, hung out their windows, screaming frantically in the sea-salty air before finally reaching the theater. Take Me Home blared from car stereos and subwoofers.

When Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall emerged onstage later on, the sky let loose with rain, like it was special-effects confetti released from the ceiling. They started with "Up All Night" to kick off the concert, and although the crowd would probably only be out until curfew, 1D still took us well into the rainy night.

While we'd like to highlight every moment from the fivesome's tour stop — like the time Harry Styles told us all we were beautiful or when Louis' eyes twinkled on the big screen — here's the top seven fun moments. So, you know, we don't go too crazy with the swooning.

Dance Your Pants Off

One of the things that separates a modern boy band from those of a decade ago, is that you don't get all of the hyper-choreographed dance moves. But even though 1D stray away from jazz squares and "bye, bye, bye," they still have a groove of their own. Some favorites from the Jones Beach show include robotic hip thrusting, the swanky hip swings, air drumming and their signature rowboat move. Niall twerked a bit too. Miley Cyrus would be proud.

Teenage Dirtbag

And while Miley probably wasn't at the concert, the guys made sure to shout out a guest who was in the audience. "The guy from Wheatus is here?" Harry asked Liam, who had heard a rumor. They have been covering Wheatus' 2000 song "Teenage Dirtbag" throughout the North American tour, so with Long Island-native Brendan B. Brown watching, they had to do it justice. They also covered Blondie's "One Way or Another," which served as their charity single earlier this year. If only Debbie Harry could've been in the audience too...

When It Stopped Raining

As much as we love watching 1D, rain is always a downer. Thankfully, it cleared up by the fourth song.

Can Never Get Enough

Normal Directioners don't get to see the five dudes in person that often, so seeing them onstage should be enough. But Directioners who needed a 1D overload were in luck. Because behind the guys were cartooned images of their faces, blown up for the amphitheater to see. The stage's wings had massive displays of them singing close-up. Fans couldn't miss anything.

Their Accessorizing Was Mesmerizing

Who put that seashell necklace on Zayn? It looks adorable on him. And where did Harry get that ring? Niall pulled off his muscle tanks yet again. And don't even get me started on Harry's flower crown.

Greatest Party Ever

The storyline of the concert revolved around the opening video skit, titled "The Greatest Party." The clip introduced the boys one-by-one as they played their individual roles in a house party. DJ Malik was at the turntables while Louis crowdsurfed.

Another skit continued the story later in the night, when they woke up from the hectic night to go play pranks on the unknowing public. Some of them dressed like an old couple that held up traffic. Another two pretended to be street musicians, busking to One Direction's music. Louis put on a fat suit and gave out free hugs, and when a sweet little girl came up at gave him a hug, he revealed himself in a heartwarming surprise.

Easy Listening

Without a good sound system, 1D's smooth sounds would've been drowned in the screaming. Fortunately, fans were able to soak up every last bit of the amped-up vocals — from Harry's husky tenor to Zayn's high howls to Liam's squeal-inducing falsetto.

It seems as if One Direction has been touring forever, but there's still a full list of dates ahead of them for the summer. And they have another tour called Where We Are booked for 2014. So get pumped with our top seven moments from Friday night, and prepare to add some of your own in the future.

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