Snoop Dogg Gives Boost To 'Turbo' In Barcelona

Samuel L. Jackson, Ryan Reynolds and more watch co-star hit the stage.

Snoop Dogg hit the red carpet — and stage — in Barcelona on Wednesday to promote the upcoming animated flick, "Turbo," to which he lends both his vocal and musical talents.

Although Snoop was only slated to perform three songs, including the club-ready, yet inspirational "Let The Bass Go," the sometimes Dogg, sometimes Lion busted out a full concert, including adults-only jams like "Gin and Juice" and "I Wanna F--- You."

Samuel L. Jackson, who introduced Snoop on stage and also stars in the film, snapped a picture during the epic show, tweeting: "Snoop Killed It last night @ the Turbo Premiere in Barcelona!!!!"

" 'Turbo' is about a young snail who dreams of being fast and he has a lot of people in his life who tell him that that dream will never come true and then one day it does," Ryan Reynolds, who voices the title character, told MTV News.

Turbo, an outsider who idolizes the denizens of the Indianapolis 500, finds new purpose after his DNA gets a boost from a freak accident with a drag racer. Jackson stars as veteran snail racer Whiplash, and Snoop lends his voice to fellow speedy snail, Smooth Move. Bill Hader, Maya Rudolph and Paul Giamatti also star in the July 17 film.

"It's an underdog story," Snoop told us. "A feel-good family movie about big dreams and never giving up."