Mac Miller Plays Most Cruel Joke With Most Dope Family

In a brand-new clip from his MTV2 show, the MC plays a practical joke on DJ Clockwork.

Mac Miller may be a skilled MC, but in a brand-new clip from his MTV2 show, he's showing off his skills as a prankster.

In a clip from "Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family," Mac and his crew give DJ Clockwork a hard time, pretending to be disappointed that he can't seem to lay down a suitable rhyme.

"That's your second time recording a verse, and to be real, I don't think it's up to par to everyone else's," Mac says in the clip. Q, Big Dave, Peanut, Jimmy and Mac all tell Clock to get back in the booth, lay down some bars and "do you." "Give us something we can work with," Mac says before Clock tries to "zone in."

Perhaps its Mac's own lyrical prowess that makes him so convincing. After all, his sophomore album, Watching Movies With the Sound Off, which he dropped last week, was a hit on the charts.

No matter what it was, Mac manages to keep a straight face throughout the entire prank, even when Big Dave tells Clock he's not Flo Rida, so maybe acting could be in his future. While Clock tries to redeem himself, Mac and the Most Dope guys run out of the studio laughing as they leave Clock by himself.

"It's all good though," DJ Clock said, laughing the joke off. "Yo, my verse is the hardest!"