Frank Ocean Would Rather 'Go To Jail' Than Settle Down On New Song

Odd Future singer/songwriter debuts three new tracks Tuesday during concert in Munich, Germany.

Frank Ocean debuted three new songs Tuesday during a concert in Munich, Germany, that might be headed for his in-the-works Channel Orange follow-up, which he revealed in February was 11 songs deep.

Fans at the BMW Welt Auditorium threw their smartphones and other video-recording devices in the air as soon as Ocean deviated from his expected playlist of songs from his 2011 mixtape, Nostalgia, Ultra, and Grammy-winning LP, Channel Orange.

YouTube user (and we're assuming Kid Cudi diehard) Mescudi Rager uploaded several videos to his page after Tuesday's show. On one of the three new tracks, Ocean sings about not being able to "relate to his peers" while he struggles with the idea of settling down. "Two kids and a swimming pool, I'm not ready," he shouts before concluding that he'd rather "go to jail" or "try hell."

Another new song was a calming drum and piano-laced track where Ocean sings of his love for California and automobiles. "Babe, would you mind if I took the top down to feel California?" he breathily asked before greeting his German fans.

For the third song, Frank sings of a love gone awry as a car drives down an endless route in a desert. "You broke my heart last week," he moans before reminiscing on "back then."

Considering the amount of new material he performed, Ocean seemed quite comfortable onstage, spewing his emotions and at times waving and interacting with the crowd as he delivered his treats. Sonically, the tracks don't veer in a new direction for the singer, as Ocean delivers more of the soulful groove that fans have come to know him for.

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