Miley Cyrus Is A 'Skilled Twerker,' And Ying Yang Twins Co-Sign!

D-Roc and Kaine explain why they consider the 'We Can't Stop' singer 'the twerking mascot.'

Miley Cyrus has proved she loves twerking — just watch "We Can't Stop" video — so much that the Ying Yang Twins think her name should be synonymous with the dance move.

D-Roc and Kaine helped launch twerking into popularity with their 2000 hit "Whistle While You Twurk,"and now, they're giving fans a new name for the dance move on "Miley Cyrus," off their July 12 mixtape, Ass in Session.

"I feel like we inspired the whole twerk movement because when everybody was kids they were listening to Ying Yang and that's when they heard the twerk movement," D-Roc told MTV News. "So once they got grown, it transitioned. Miley Cyrus was the one that was out there. Boom! Well do the Miley Cyrus then!"

Between working with folks like Pharrell and Mike Will Made It to jumping on stage with Juicy J, Miley's been fully embraced by the hip-hop community, and the Ying Yang Twins are getting in on the love too.

"She really embraced music and she love hip-hop. So her loving hip hop, she love to dance," D-Roc said. "There's a side of Miley Cyrus that you never seen and that's what we want to compliment. Like, alright, if this what you want to do, let me help you. Once she took that lane and started doing what she was doing, it's going to make people look at her like 'Oh, OK, Miley Cyrus like this kind of music.'

"Miley Cyrus is the twerking mascot," he added. "She's the Ying Yang mascot."

While twerking is hardly new, it has certainly become trendy. And Kaine noted, "It's come back around for a second lifespan."

The dance is all about shaking what you're mama gave you. And, the duo explains what makes Miley so good at it. "Miley, I guess, what would make her such a skilled twerker is she like to do the dance," Kaine explained. "She's no different from any other young girls. They have fun. She's a fan of our music, one. Two, we represent fun so it's a plus, plus. The song reaches everybody."