Liam Neeson Nears 'Taken 3' Deal And $20 Million Paycheck

61-year-old actor is reportedly in talks for the third installment in the action series.

We're thinking that the "particular set of skills" Liam Neeson talked about in "Taken" referred to his ability to negotiate his salary.

According to Deadline, the 61-year-old actor is set to make $20 million for the franchise's third movie, up from the $15 million he made for last year's "Taken 2."

News of a third film in the series is by no means a surprise, but now that it looks like Neeson is locked down for another round as ever-vengeful CIA agent Bryan Mills, "Taken 3" is more or less a certainty.

The Deadline report also mentions Neeson's initial hesitance to return for "Taken 2," but that seemed to be cured by the $15 million paycheck. "Taken 3" has now jettisoned Neeson into the upper tiers of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, alongside the likes of Johnny Depp.

A script is reportedly in the works for "Taken 3," but there are no other details about the sequel. There were four years between the first "Taken" and its sequel, but as franchises get older, producers are less willing to wait between installments, so don't expect to wait too long for "Taken 3" if the Neeson deal works out.

The first "Taken" movie was one of the biggest surprise hits of 2008, making over $226 million. The sequel soared even higher, with more than $376 million.