The Wanted Felt 'Something Missing' Without Nathan Sykes

Fivesome open up about covering for their mate during his vocal surgery.

The TWFanmily in the States have already had a chance to watch "The Wanted Life" on E!, but when The Wanted live streamed a Q&A promoting the reality show's premiere in the U.K., that didn't stop us from tuning in.

From a performance of "Walks Like Rihanna" to dishing on the TV series' girlfriend drama, the boy band fulfilled every fan request. But perhaps what delighted fans the most was the return of Nathan Sykes.

Sykes took an "unforeseen hiatus" from the group back in April when he was having trouble singing (we watched it get worse in the first episode of "The Wanted Life"). But two weeks ago, after recovering from vocal-cord surgery, Nathan returned to the stage, playing Summertime Ball Festival in London with his pals.

So during the Q&A, one fan joined the hangout to ask the fivesome: What was it like to perform without Nathan?

"It's weird covering for anybody's vocals when. It is weird. It is strange," Tom Parker said. "But we tried, and we could. Max [George] took Nate's middle part in 'I Found You,' which is a big part of the song and not easy to sing. It's quite difficult to sing. And yeah, I think you did quite a sterling job to be honest."

Max took the compliment but said he took Sykes' absence very seriously, noticing a difference every time they sang without him.

"For me, we've all got good ranges in our voices and stuff, so we can always cover for each other," George said. "But for me, it was more when you watch it back and you'd hear a chorus, even if you stood onstage, you just felt like there was something missing. Whether it was his physical self or you could just, [hear it] in a chorus, you'd be like, 'It just doesn't sound as big as it should do.' "

Parker admitted that Nathan's hiatus affected more than just their song parts, but also their moves onstage. "We'd always leave a gap on set. And we'd watch it back, like, 'We left a gap there.' "

At the end of the live stream, the quintet sang a special acoustic version of "Walks Like Rihanna" for the fans. As each member took turns with verses, many were wondering online if Nathan was going to take his. And while the baby of the group sat some of the song out, when it came time to sing, he delivered with his husky tenor.

As for Nathan's take on the whole situation, he believes the guys worked hard covering for him, but he wouldn't want to miss anything again. "It was really weird and I tried not watch things," Sykes said. "You don't want to watch things because you're like, 'Oh, I'm not there.' They worked their asses off."