Big Sean Calls Naya Rivera His Pound Cake-Baking 'Homey'

'That's my homey, more than anything. That's my girl,' he told MTV News about the 'Glee' actress.

They say the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. And "Glee" star Naya Rivera is adhering to that age-old philosophy when it comes to her relationship with Big Sean.

Sean and Naya first stirred up relationship headlines back in April, after they were spotted on the red carpet together at the "42" movie premiere in Los Angeles. In the months since they went public, the Detroit MC and the starlet have continued to keep the cameras flashing, going on romantic vacations and hitting up splashy events together, including the Powerhouse concert in Los Angeles this past Saturday.

Backstage, the twosome was spotted hanging out. And, if fans of both stars are wondering what goes on between them when no one's looking, the Hall of Fame rapper (who recently confirmed his album will drop on August 27) broke down what he loves so much about the actress/singer. "Me and Naya is a great thing. She's awesome. She takes care of me," he told MTV News at Powerhouse, before recalling a recently sweet thing she did to make the rapper feel better when he was feeling sad.

"Let me tell you a story about her. Let me tell you a story about Naya Rivera. My grandma used to make me birthday cakes every year, on my birthday, once a year. My favorite pound cake, grandma's recipe," he said. "She had a stroke 10 years ago and couldn't make it anymore, but Naya hit my mom up and got the recipe. Couple parts of the recipe were missing; she filled them in, made this cake from scratch for me. [She] surprised me with it one day, man, when I wasn't feeling too good. Just stuff like that, showing she really cares. That's my homey, more than anything. That's my girl."

Back in mid-April, just days after they first made their big debut, he confirmed their romance, sharing what he likes so much about the TV star. He said, "Naya's really cool. Our relationship is cool. She's tight."