'The Voice' Champ Danielle Bradbery Still Isn't Sure She's Actually Famous

'I'm still debating if I'm actually a celebrity,' the 'Voice' champion tells MTV News of her newfound fame.

Earlier this week, Danielle Bradbery won "The Voice," becoming the youngest champion in show history, and completing what was essentially a foregone conclusion to many. Of course, that "many" didn't include Bradbery herself.

"I kind of thought 'If I won, what would I do?' And according to iTunes, maybe I thought I had a chance of winning; all that stuff went through my head," she told MTV News. "I didn't necessarily think 'Oh, I'm going to win;' Michelle [Chamuel] was up there, and the Swon Brothers were up there too, so the whole time, I kept thinking that it could have been anybody."

From small-town Texas girl to champion of the most-popular singing competition's most-successful season, all in just a few short months, it's been quite a ride for the 16-year-old Bradbery, to say nothing of the fact that, before she auditioned, she'd barely sang in public. So you can sort of understand why she didn't think she'd win "The Voice" ... or why, in the days since she did, she's still having a difficult time coming to terms with her sudden celebrity.

"I'm still debating if I'm actually a celebrity, or just Danielle," she laughed. "But I definitely have a lot more to learn, but I think as I go on, it gets bigger and bigger, so hopefully I become an actual superstar one day."

And despite her age, Bradbery makes no bones about the fact that she's aiming for big things in her post-"Voice" career ... starting with reversing the trend of former champions disappearing soon after winning the title. And she thinks her country roots will go a long way towards accomplishing that goal.

"I mean, in a way there's pressure. But Cassadee [Pope], she's getting up there, she's working on her album and she's already so amazing; she's known," Bradbery said. "Country fans are loyal, and country music is really big and popular, and me being so young, I have a lot of time to grow."

And, speaking of growth, she's already got a five-year plan in place ...

"Hopefully I'll be doing really good and moving my dream forward. Hopefully my songs will be doing really good," she laughed. "I'd like to have enough songs to do a headliner tour, and who knows? I think I'm off to a good start."

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