Justin Bieber, Madonna Get 15 (More) Seconds Of Fame On Instagram Video

Wiz Khalifa and Austin Mahone also take advantage of new Instagram feature, while Taylor Swift posts her first Vine.

Anyone not on the A-list may still be waiting for their 15 minutes of fame, but for established celebrities, 15 seconds is just enough. That's why, when Instagram debuted its new video feature on Wednesday — which lets users post 15-second videos as opposed to Vine's six-second clips — celebrities were quick to jump on the craze.

But the question remains: Who is making the best use out of the new 15-second video feature? Well, we've wrapped up the videos of the biggest names in music so far so you can decide for yourself.

Justin Bieber Shares 'Crazy News' ... Shirtless

The "Heartbreaker" singer was awfully giggly in his inaugural Instagram video, accompanied by the appropriate caption, "Hahaha." "So crazy news, guys," he says into his phone — shirtless, of course. He cracks up halfway through the video but "keep[s] it going," to deliver the already-known news to his loyal Beliebers: "There's video on Instagram."

Mahone's Spirit Didn't Help Losing Spurs

Fellow heartbreaker and singer Austin Mahone captioned his first Instagram video, "YEEEEEAH SPURS!!!," at Thursday night's San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat game. The "What About Love" singer recently showed off his own basketball skills when he stopped by for our "Live From MTV" show, so maybe he could have helped bring the Spurs, who lost the NBA championship, into victory.

Wiz Shares Instagram's First Freestyle?

Wiz Khalifa, meanwhile, took some time off his daddy duties to show off his rapping skills in his first Instagram clip, "Bars." "First of all, you ain't rap long enough. Second of all, your pack ain't strong enough," he freestyles, holding what we'll call a cigarette in his hand. "Better start dancing when I pull that hammer." Mistercap (as he's known on Instagram) even follows up the black-and-white clip with "Bars II."

Madonna 'Booty Pops' in a Bathroom

For her first clip, Madonna seems to be trying to put Miley Cyrus' booty popping/twerking to shame. Repeating "booty pop" over and over again, she twerks it in her bathroom as an unidentified cameraman captures it all.

Taylor Swift, Meanwhile, Joins Vine

While a good portion of celebrities have made the switch to Instagram, country star Taylor Swift seems to be just now hopping on the Vine bandwagon. The "22" singer posted her first Vine Thursday night, with the caption: "At 9pm, I'm either onstage or I'm doing this." In the six-second post of her watching "Titanic," she shows her face (looking like she shed a few tears) next to a furry feline friend.

If this is what we saw in just the first day or so, we're excited to see what other things celebrities will video on Instagram.