Austin Mahone To Show Off Beatboxing Skills On 'The Show With Vinny'

He's already showed off his dance moves, and on tonight's episode, he'll prove to Vinny he can drop a beat too.

Austin Mahone recently showed us he's got killer dance moves, so it may not come as such a surprise to hear the "What About Love" star is also a talented beatboxer. On Thursday's (June 20) episode of "The Show With Vinny," Mahone, wearing his usual hoodie and snapback, gives host Vinny Guadagnino some pointers on how to drop a beat.

In the clip, the 17-year-old singer tells Guadagnino to "put 'em together and pop 'em," meaning his lips. While Vinny struggles slightly in the beginning, he manages to somewhat lay it down with the help of Mahone, who debuted his video for "What About Love" on June 10. Austin recently stopped by the MTV Newsroom for our "Live From MTV" show, where he talked about his celebrity crush, played a few games with fans and even discussed his Instagram photos with some famous "Mahomies."

And judging from the clip, it looks as though Vinny might have just joined the ranks of the always-faithful Mahomies. The host throws up some deuces and faintly screams, "Austin Mahone," in the beginning of the clip.

Mahone advises Vinny to make sounds similar to hitting on girls, saying "Oh, what up girl," with a wink, but Vinny can only manage to get out sounds a horse would respond to. "I used to ride horses. I can't call a girl, but I can call a horse."

Tune in to the brand-new episode of "The Show With Vinny" tonight at 10 p.m. ET to see Austin Mahone showing off his beatboxing skills.