A$AP Rocky Readies 'Druggy' Instrumental Album, Beauty And The Beast

'It's slowed down and it's real vibey, with no lyrics,' A$AP tells MTV News of his first full-length foray into production.

A$AP Rocky is still rolling out visuals from his studio debut, Long. Live. A$AP, but it seems that we can expect a new instrumental album from the Harlem rapper-turned-producer, titled Beauty and the Beast: Slowed Down Sessions, Chapter 1, before the summer is over.

A$AP told MTV News that he's ready to show out as a producer on this album, although he added, "I ain't think nobody gave a f--- about that.

"I think people are gonna be intrigued by it because it's actually good," he continued. "I wouldn't do nothing that I didn't feel confident or comfortable about. I think people gonna like this sh--."

And what exactly should the people be expecting on A$AP's first full-length effort as a producer? "It's really druggy, ambient sh--," he said. "The name of it is Beauty and the Beast: Slowed Down Sessions, Chapter 1. And it's because everything is like classical beautiful music and boom-bap Wu-Tang sh-- mixed together. It's slowed down and it's real vibey, with no lyrics. I feel like it's gonna get people through the summer."

In fact, the album already got A$AP through some, uh, good times. "Before I got with my girlfriend I f---ed a hundred bitches to my soundtrack already and it ain't even out yet," he said. On that note, it will be an entirely free album to get you through the summer. "I'm not looking to put it out, I'm just gonna drop it for free online and I'ma have visuals to it," he confirmed. "It's gonna be like a real album, but it's gonna be free."