Nick Lachey's Package Tour Highlight: '16,000 Women Screaming At You'

'It's just a lot of fun top to bottom,' the 98 Degrees member opens up to MTV News about the tour, which celebrates boy bands.

Much like the fans who show up night after night, Nick Lachey is having a blast on the Package Tour.

Since last month, the guys from 98 Degrees, Boyz II Men and New Kids on the Block have been bringing their boy-band fever to cities across the U.S. The highlight so far? The screaming ladies, of course!

"Well you know when you're onstage and there's 16,000 women screaming at you, it's just miserable. It's the worst working conditions," Lachey joked to MTV News. "No, it's amazing! Every night is a great new crowd, full of people who want to be there 'cause they love the music, they love the groups. A lot of people, obviously, it's the Package Tour so insert your own joke there, but it is a great package."

Lachey, host of new show "The Winner Is," shared that they are equally enthusiastic backstage during the meet and greets as they are onstage.

"It's hard to describe the amount of anticipation these women have for the moment they get to come and meet [NKOTB's] Donnie Wahlberg or meet [BIIM's] Shawn Stockman or meet Drew Lachey. It's a cool vibe going on backstage," he described. "There's a lot of women; there's a lot of tailgating and pre-partying going on, which we encourage. We always sound better when people have had a few drinks. But, no, it's just a lot of fun top to bottom, a great show and the crowd's been great."

But if you can't make it backstage, 98 Degrees have yet another way for you to meet them. "Well we do a little segment in our show where we bring four fans on stage and we dedicate a song to them and sing to them," he said. "And there have been some interesting reactions. As a fan, sitting up there in front in an arena full of people, being sung to... some shake uncontrollably, some cry, some don't like [it and] are comfortable and want to get off, others milk it up and go for it and grabbing hair. It's a fun moment."

Of course, most of these fans have been harboring crushes for years, so it's hardly surprising they feel so strongly about their pop idols. "I think that what boy bands kind of did for a lot of people, it's the music they grew up on. It's a moment in their lives, especially in the teenage years when we're all so impressionable and they really invested themselves in these groups and this is a chance for them to come and relive that moment in time," he said. "And for us to relive that moment in time too. It's a cool dynamic."