Brad Pitt Promises 'World War Z' Will Be 'Most Intense' Movie You'll See All Year

'It's just big and fun,' actor tells MTV News at New York premiere.

Seven years after securing the rights to Max Brooks' best-selling novel "World War Z," Brad Pitt will finally face the zombie apocalypse when the film hits theaters Friday (June 21).

Pitt plays a retired United Nations employee who leaves his wife and two kids behind to travel the globe in the hopes of stanching the pandemic, which threatens to end the world as we know it. And as a real-life father of six, the instinct to protect what he loves is nothing new for Pitt. In fact, as the actor told MTV News at the film's New York premiere on Monday, it's a feeling that never truly goes away.

"Always, I mean, always. It's a papa bear — it's just instinctual," Pitt said. "It kicks in. It's kind of amazing how that happens, but comforting."

Of course, Pitt does tear himself away from his family long enough to work on films like "World War Z," which has been a passion project for the 49-year-old, who also serves as a producer. (To wit, the film's gone through a handful of re-writes and re-shoots on its seven-year journey to the big screen.) But seeing the finished product finally realized was all worth it for Pitt.

"It's just big and fun, and this is the most intense thing you're going to see all year," he promised. "It's the most intense thing I've done. We're really thrilled by it."

"World War Z," co-starring Mireille Enos and James Badge Dale, opens Friday.