Mac Miller Gets Surprised By A Sexy Model ... But It's 'Nothing New': Watch!

With his Watching Movies With the Sound Off album out, new bonus clip from MTV2's 'Most Dope Family' shows why it's good to be Mac.

Some people come home to tail-wagging dogs, others — well, maybe just Mac Miller — come home to scantily clad models posing on their staircase. With his new album, Watching Movies With the Sound Off, out Tuesday (June 18), we get further proof of why it's good to be Mac in this special unreleased clip from MTV2's "Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family."

"Don't stop on my account," Mac tells the model as he walks in on a photo shoot in the foyer of his mansion.

When the blond, tattooed model admits she's just "shy," Miller smirks as he maneuvers his way up the stairs around her, paying no mind to the fact that he's interrupting something: "Hey, this is my house!"

Beautiful women in bikinis are a mainstay for a lot of rappers, including Mac. Just take a look at his new video for "Watching Movies," where he's surrounded by girls twerking inches away from his face. But while casually getting some ink, he asks his tattoo artist (whose girlfriend is the shoot's photographer), why he walked in on a chick who was "bent over with her ass cheeks spread on the steps."

"I guess it's a good day at the Mac Miller compound," the tattoo artist replies — to which Miller laughs, "I mean, that's nothing new."

Mac Miller's sophomore album, Watching Movies, hits stores on the same day as two other major hip-hop releases: Kanye West's Yeezus and J. Cole's Born Sinner. When MTV News spoke to Miller on the June 12 episode of "RapFix Live," the Pittsburgh native admitted that he expected Kanye to "crush" him on the charts, but he had a good attitude about it.

"It's Kanye. If some crazy thing happens, then maybe, but it's Kanye West, bruh. He should have the best first week, but the first week isn't really what matters," Mac said.