Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Baby Daughter: Celebrities Offer Their Well Wishes

T.I., Nas and Russell Simmons were among the stars to congratulate the couple on baby Kimye.

It's been one of the most talked about celebrity pregnancies of the year (on par with the royal baby, no doubt), and don't expect the chatter to die down now that Kim Kardashian has given birth to her and Kanye West's first child, a girl.

Celebrities aplenty took to Twitter to herald the birth of baby Kimye.

"There is no greater gift in life than a child's laughter! congrats to Kim And Kanye..." wrote Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons.

Rapper Nas was one of the first to chime in with well-wishes, tweeting, "Congrats to Kanye 4 the birth of his daughter today too! To my bros w/ daughters!!"

At Atlanta's annual Birthday Bash concert, Kanye's new bundle of joy was the talk "I'm happy for him, it's a beautiful thing, especially right around Father's Day for Kanye to have his first child and everything. Congratulations to the two of 'em," DJ Drama told MTV News.

T.I., who is also a proud father, had not only congratulations but also some kind words for the new dad, just in time for Fathers Day. "If he's as dedicated and committed to fatherhood as he has been to everything else he has done, I think that's gonna be one brilliant baby," he said of the rapper's daughter.

Former "Jersey Shore" star DJ Pauly D was so excited about the birth, he used five exclamation marks in his message: "Congrats @KimKardashian And @kanyewest On The Birth Of Your Baby Girl !!!!!"

And normally snarky real housewife (and fellow mom) Bethenny Frankel got real for a moment, offering up a few kind words for Kardashian. "All kidding aside, congrats @kimkardashian on your baby girl. It's the most beautiful, best thing that could happen to you. Girls rule," she wrote.

Yet to tweet about the arrival? Kardashian and West (though, to be fair, they've been a bit busy). And if Ye's recent interview with The New York Times is any indication, it may be a while before you hear from him regarding his baby girl.

"Yeah. Well, I just don't want to talk to America about my family," he said. "Like, this is my baby. This isn't America's baby."