'Man Of Steel': What's Next For Superman?

Zack Snyder opens up to MTV News about the future of the movies.

Although the "Dark Knight" films created an amazing universe for DC Comics characters to flourish, there have been precious few successful adaptations of other DC characters — "Green Lantern," anybody? — as the company is trying to mobilize its cinematic canon. As such, it seems appropriate that there was a small reference to that Bat-world in "Man of Steel" as DC attempts to get its own "Avengers"-style team-up, "Justice League," off the ground.

"There's no conference I had with DC where they said, 'is there any way we can get Lexcorp in there? Or Wayne Enterprises'," "Man of Steel" director Zack Snyder told MTV News. "I'm just like, this is cool stuff — we need to put it in the movie. Because I feel like it shows that there's a big DC Universe is out there."

Even before the release of "Man of Steel," Hollywood rumbled with rumors that a "Justice League" movie is imminent. But Snyder insisted that Superman is the character that the DC Universe needs to get right before that can occur — which is probably why he's directing its forthcoming sequel, as it was reported Thursday.

"Superman absolutely is the king daddy of the DC Universe. If Superman works, you can really make a lot of other stuff work," Snyder admitted prior to the announcement he would be tackling "Man of Steel 2." "And when we have conversations about 'is there more to do in the DC world?' my answer always is, well, when Superman works, then you can talk about it. But until that, you can't really do anything."

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Snyder's "Man of Steel 2" — as we're calling it — is the only DC Universe film currently in development, at least publicly. But with any luck, a "Justice League" film is on the horizon, although Snyder admitted that Christopher Nolan's Batman films didn't create the kind of mythology that just anyone can join. "What Chris made are movies," he said. "He didn't make a TV show that you can jump in on and shoot an episode of. And the idea of continuing that is hard."

"So it's something to think about, but it's a very long conversation."

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