'Man Of Steel' Supersuits: Actors Get Deep About Their Spandex

Outfits empowered Henry Cavill, while Michael Shannon sulked in a unitard.

"Man of Steel" devotes an enormous amount of time and energy getting so many elements of the Superman mythology right — down to the costumes that the hero and his adversaries wear. As the eponymous superhero, Henry Cavill said that his experiences wearing the newly redesigned suit were nothing short of, well, super.

"The suit was amazing," Cavill told MTV News' Josh Horowitz. "It had like a physical energy about it, and there was so much care and attention and respect put into the concepts for it, the design. It wasn't just a bunch of material put together. It was a genuine thing."

Cavill admitted that even he was taken aback by the image of himself in the suit, and actually felt unlike himself during the scenes in which he wore it. "When I put it on for the first time, I didn't see me wearing an outfit, I felt like we were creating Superman in the room," he confessed. "And every time I was on set, people treated me differently when I was in the Superman suit, and every time I was in it, I felt differently. It was trouble wearing it at all; it was its own stuff."

Meanwhile, Cavill's onscreen adversary General Zod, played by Michael Shannon, donned a more complicated sort of armor. Shannon admitted that, on set, he felt silly — especially since most of its design was created later in a computer.

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"I said, 'Zack, I'm so happy to be in this movie, but please don't make me wear one of them friggin' suits,' " Shannon said. "He said, I promise, you will look totally bad-ass the entire time. The first day on set, it was like, 'Here's your costume. It's green and blue and tan and grey and it's got little circles all over it.' It was like a unitard! I was like, great — I'm General Zod! Watch out!"

Despite his discomfort — and the blow to his pride at the prospect of walking around in a skintight, multi-colored suit that revealed everything — Shannon marveled at how impressively the filmmakers rendered the final look of his costume. "This is a real testament to DJ, the effects supervisor," he said. "Because everybody was asking me, what was it like wearing that metal armor every day. I'm like, really? And I almost don't want to say anything."

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