Father's Day Gift Guide: From 'Man Of Steel' To Yeezus, We Got You Covered!

Why give your dad the same old, same old, when you can give him a pop-culture gift he'll really want on Sunday like — beer bling?

Your father is sick of craft-beer-of-the-month subscriptions and "Sopranos"-branded socks — trust us. The thing about Father's Day is that shopping for dear old dad is kind of a drag and that pained look on his face when he opens up another set of grill tools is more embarrassing than watching "Girls" with him on Sunday night.

So, the MTV News staff put our heads together to come up with the ultimate pop-culture gift guide for you, from the best movies to music, super-cool gear and age-appropriate bling that will make the old man look slightly less embarrassing when he goes out to get the newspaper in sandals and black socks.

From a New Dad to a (Sorta) Old One

Kanye West's little bundle of joy came early, and just in time for Father's Day. Also just in time for Father's Day, Kanye's other baby, Yeezus, is out Tuesday. If dad has been falling victim to the monotony of his daily routine recently, he might simply be in need of a new soundtrack to help him get motivated and clear out the cobwebs. Kanye's sixth album, with its massive electronic influence and intense howling vocals, will be just what the doctored ordered.

I mean, seriously, how many times have you had to listen to his music on 11 and act like it was, "Yeah pops, 'totally dope'?" Unfortunately, the album isn't available for pre-order, so throw dad a little IOU until you can pick up a hard copy for him on June 18. — Nadeska Alexis

Marvel Vs. D.C.: Can't We All Just Get Along?

Thanks to the bumper crop of big budget superhero movies and the omnipresence of geek culture, modern dads can finally own — and flaunt — all the cool comic book stuff they never had as kids. With "Man of Steel" opening in theaters on Father's Day weekend, Kurt Busiek and Stuart Immonen's "Superman: Secret Identity" makes a great gift. The graphic novel follows a boy's life from discovering he has Superman-like powers as a teen, all the way through his marriage and the birth of his children.

But if your father is more of a Marvel man than a DC dad, We Love Fine has some mature, and totally awesome, superhero polo shirts. Why make him settle for a lame alligator when dad can show off his love of the Avengers while on the golf course — or at least pretend he works for S.H.I.E.L.D. during the business hours? — Brett White

Man of Steel, or Buns of Steel?

We're not trying to suggest dads are obsessed with comic-book heroes, but we can't stress it enough: One of the best movies about fatherhood to come along in a while, "Man of Steel," is opening on Father's Day weekend.

As much as the latest Superman flick is about destroying cities and punching people in midair, it's also about Clark Kent being torn between his two dads and what they want for him. If you don't feel like making pops leave the house — definitely something to consider — "The Godfather Trilogy" Blu-ray is just $23 on Amazon. — Kevin Sullivan

Porky Bling Makes The Man

Dads love getting neckwear for Father's Day. It's a fact. Ask anyone. Okay, maybe that's just what everyone thinks. But why not take it up a notch, or seven, this year and instead of buying your dad a bland, kind-of-lazy necktie, head over to your neighborhood jeweler and pick him up two chains — said in 2 Chainz voice — and a Jesus piece or three?

Been there, done that? Well, honor the holiday and all the great things your father has done for you over the years by throwing on a pork or a beer can piece. Does anything scream "Dad, I love you" more than bacon and Budweiser bling? — Jocelyn Vena

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