Taylor Swift Remembers Ed Sheeran's 'Medieval' Obsession That Almost Killed Her

Swift tells MTV News that sometimes Sheeran would wave around his sword on tour 'and then just leave.'

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are besties. They even manage to squeeze in some quality BFF time with one another in between stops on the Red tour. But sometimes things get a little too real between the "Everything Has Changed" singers.

When MTV News caught up with Swift last week, she confirmed that during a flight earlier this year to Nashville, she was nearly stabbed by Sheeran's sword. Confused? Well, let her explain.

"He got this sword... he went to New Zealand and got this sword. The actual [director] Peter Jackson gave him a sword from a 'Lord of the Rings' movie. And he was obsessed with it to the point where like he would come into by dressing room waving it and then just leave," Swift said.

"Or he'd just get it out on the plane and everybody is like, we don't know if that's OK on a plane. It's a weapon, but it's a medieval weapon [so] we don't know, I don't know," she continued. "But he's obsessed with stuff like that. He's obsessed with Legos. He's obsessed with swords, like axes, stuff like that. It was on the table [on the trip to Nashville] and it started to slide."

Of course, it never touched Swift, which Sheeran first cleared up when telling us about the incident back in March. He further noted that he knows what everyone on the tour thinks of his weapon of choice. He said, "I think [Taylor] and her crew were weirded out by it anyway. They were just like, 'Why does Ed have a sword?' "

The ginger-haired singer/songwriter is currently opening for Swift on her Red tour, which wraps up its North American leg in Nashville on September 21 before she heads to Australia and New Zealand for six dates in November and December.