2 Chainz, Ed Sheeran Inspired Big Time Rush On 24/Seven

Group talks to MTV News about how five years of work resulted in their 'best album yet.'

With the extra load of their Nickelodeon series and an upcoming summer tour, 2013 has been a pretty strenuous journey for Big Time Rush. But ever since they dropped 24/Seven on Tuesday, Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena and Logan Henderson are enjoying the fruits of their labor.

"It feels like we had just climbed a mountain; now we're looking out over the view," Schmidt told MTV News of completing their third studio album.

"We worked hard on this album and we wrote most all of it. I think it's our best album yet so we're excited to actually have it out now," Henderson added, with Schmidt backing him up: "It is the best album yet, which is 'BAY' for abbreviation."

But getting 24/Seven to BAY status didn't happen overnight. According to Maslow, the band started on the project nearly five years ago. With so much time having passed between now and then, the group really had the opportunity to find their inspirations.

"We have tons of influences," James said. "A huge part of that are the fans, you know, on Twitter and Instagram and all that stuff every day and we know what they want to hear, we know the songs that have worked, the songs that haven't, and so we have a pretty good barometer of what works and what they like."

The guys also took notes from some of their favorite acts as well, including Alt-J, Ed Sheeran and 2 Chainz, just to name a few.

"We also listen to a lot of music on our own," Kendall explained. "I mean just music that we love and we take influences from that stuff, I mean you go see concerts and you see how people play a show live and you take that and you use it."