Kanye West's Yeezus Track List Leaks: You Can't Control Everything

West has tried his hardest to keep Yeezus under wraps, but on Friday (June 14), it was clear others hadn't quite kept their end of the bargain.

Kanye West's Yeezus is a passion project in every sense of the term, from its searing sonics and seething lyrics to its rather, uh, nontraditional promotion, which has been spearheaded by West and his creative team and seems designed to avoid any and all conventions.

There have been spontaneous projections on buildings in cities across the globe, startling performances on "Saturday Night Live" and hastily-assembled "listening parties" in NYC loading docks ... and through it all, West has maintained that there would be no singles released off Yeezus, and, reportedly, the album won't be available for pre-order either. His intent, it appears, is to let the music do the work for him.

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And yet, all the micro-managing in the world can't stop others from spoiling the party — and we're not just talking about the Yeezus leak that practically shut down the Internet on Friday afternoon (June 14). With four days to go before Yeezus is released, West has yet to reveal the album's track listing ... though, thanks to a Swedish retailer, fans are now aware that the record features 10 songs.

Kanye West's Yeezus Leaks And Frenzy Ensues.

That track list was given more credence with the leak of a photo of Yeezus' back cover (supposedly taken at a manufacturing plant) began making the rounds on Friday, which not only shows titles of songs, but a list of samples used in their construction.

Several sites have also began running a "confirmed" track list that also reveals the artists West has collaborated with on Yeezus, several of whom he's been shouting out at various listening sessions. Of course, West's rep has yet to actually confirm anything, and 'Ye has so far remained silent on the matter. All of this mess goes to show you, no matter how hard you try, you can't control everything ... though leave it to West to give it his best effort.