Matt Damon's 'Elysium' Trailer: Watch Now!

The new sci-fi adventure from the director of 'District 9' looks to close out summer on a high note.

Matt Damon only has a few days to live and one hell of a long way to go in the latest trailer for "Elysium," the next sci-fi epic from "District 9" director Neill Blomkamp. The new preview gives a more complete look at the dystopian Earth that Damon's character occupies, the idyllic space station, Elysium, and more specifics about the adventure we'll go on when the movie hits theaters in August.

The trailer begins simply with Damon's character, Max De Costa, speaking with an automated civil servant who informs him that his parole has been automatically extended thanks to a run-in he had earlier with two robotic police officers.

Left with a broken arm and a wounded spirit, Max suffers yet another setback when an accident at work traps him behind safety doors, effectively leaving him with five days to live. His only option is to break the law by entering the privileged, orbiting world of Elysium to use the advanced technology there that isn't available on Earth.

With the story set up, the trailer shifts gears to focus on the sci-fi action mayhem that follows. With the help of a robotic exoskeleton and a few compatriots, Max makes his way to Elysium, but he picks up a few enemies on his way. Jodie Foster plays Secretary Rhodes, an Elysium higher-up who sends an assassin named Kruger (Sharlto Copley from "District 9") to take Max out.

The trailer for "Elysium" makes promises of enormous sci-fi action with the same kind of eye for social statement that took "District 9" to the next level. It looks like we have one more huge adventure to look forward to before summer comes to a close.

"Elysium" opens in theaters on August 9.

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