Ariana Grande, Mac Miller 'Make Music All The Time'

'The Way' rapper dishes on his collabo with the actress on 'RapFix Live.'

Ariana Grande's shimmering, summer-ready single "The Way" has really connected with audiences. And it's not just the kids who know Ariana from Nickelodeon who like the track, but also pop lovers and hip-hop heads.

It's become so popular that the Mac Miller-assisted jam just went platinum, but Mac has always been gushing over the star.

"She's incredibly talented. I've seen a lot of females sing and she can sing for real," the rapper said on "RapFix Live" on Wednesday when he was on the show to promote his June 18 album release Watching Movies With The Sound Off. He has been teasing that the duo has worked on lots of new music for a long time, and he wouldn't peep on "RapFix" about where fans might hear the sweet music they've been creating.

He added, "So we did a bunch of records and we're gonna do more. Um... I don't know if they're gonna make it on this album or it's the next one or whatever it is, but we just make music all the time. That's my homey."

"The Way" is the lead single off the "Sam & Cat" star's August album, Daydreamin'. And earlier this spring, Grande shared that if her fans love "The Way," there's plenty more pop goodness on, well, the way. "I just can't for them to hear the rest of it because it just gets better," she said. " 'The Way' is a great song in my opinion but the rest are, I think, better. So it's cool."