Austin Mahone's 'What About Love' Heartbreak Isn't 'Personal'

Mahone tells 'Live From MTV' his single is something Mahomies can 'relate to.'

He impressed fans with his single "Say Something," piqued interest with "Say You're Just a Friend," but with his latest single, "What About Love," Austin Mahone demands your full attention.

With its upbeat tempo and radio-friendly vibe, "What About Love" has the potential to be a summer anthem and will satisfy all his Mahomies until his debut album is released this fall.

Mahone stopped by "Live from MTV" on Monday and explained the concept behind his new RedOne-produced single, which reached the top five on the iTunes single charts the day of its release.

"The song is about me being in this relationship with a girl and something happened along the way," Mahone said. "It's like, 'What about all our promises? What about everything we did? I guess it doesn't matter anymore.' "

Showing off his impeccable and challenging dance moves in the song's video, Mahone, who is currently an opening act on Taylor Swift's Red tour, claims that even though he sings of heartbreak on the track, he wasn't drawing from any personal experiences.

"I wouldn't say it's about a personal love," Mahone said. "I think it's a song a lot of people can relate to." The message of the song isn't the only thing people might be familiar with; it's the sound as well. "What About Love" takes a page out of the '90s boy-band era, with a style reminiscent to that of the Backstreet Boys or 'NSYNC.

"I wanted to have old school and a little new school in there with the electronic dance music," Mahone said. "And the Backstreet Boys, it's kind of bringing it together a little bit."

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