Shakira Added Some 'Spark' To Sasha Allen's 'The Voice' Experience

The season-four contestant opens up to MTV News about working with her mentor and having no regrets.

Sasha Allen may have bid her time on "The Voice" a fond farewell this week, but she has no hard feelings about being cut from the team ahead of the show's finale next week. She may not be in the top three, but she set out to do everything she wanted to do ahead of saying goodbye to her mentor Shakira.

"I'm feeling pretty good, actually. I know people expect that I'll be not doing so well, but I actually feel pretty good," she told MTV News on Thursday (June 13) after Tuesday's elimination.

"You know what? I think I've accomplished everything that I set out to accomplish. And I think that the last thing that I really wanted to do was the Whitney Houston stuff, and if I didn't do that, then I think maybe I would have regretted something," she continued. "But I have no regrets. I had such a good time."

It was an interesting experience for Allen, who originally had been on Adam Levine's team before the 31-year-old mother of two was stolen by team Shakira. She said that the switcheroo was the best thing that could have happened to her.

"I think it was the best thing that happened," she said. "I think me and Shakira have a great bond. And I feel like she really understood me and we just worked really well together, so I think it was meant to be."

Allen said that switching from a male mentor to a female one really changed up the game for her in the best way possible. "With Shakira, we were talking about every single thing; from nail polish to sweeping your hair to the side to what song you're gonna sing," she said. "You know, I feel like we got to get down to the nitty-gritty of every little thing and it wasn't uncomfortable."

She continued, "She's very honest. I think she's an amazing person; very honest, very smart. She always has a plan. She has an idea and you need people that have good ideas and then you can get your people to make it come to life, but you need the idea. You need the spark."

Sasha and Shakira had the shared experience of motherhood to bond over. Shakira offered up the singer some advice on how to balance motherhood and career. "I mean we talked about it," she said. "It's just hard. I guess the best thing you can do is involve your kids into what you're doing."

With her time on the show a wrap, Allen said she'd love to hit the studio with her former mentor. "I don't know [what it would sound like], but it would be on fire," she said, before adding she hopes the Latin pop star night pen a tune about her, like she promised. "She'd better! I don't know! I hope so!"