Taylor Swift 'Ready' For New Music ... Sort Of

'I'm getting ready to start thinking about it,' Swift tells MTV News on the red carpet of the Fragrance Foundation Awards.

NEW YORKTaylor Swift was in between Red Tour dates Wednesday night when she stopped by the Fragrance Foundation Awards to accept the award for Celebrity of the Year. And even though she has more than 40 dates between now and December, that doesn't seem to be stopping the 23-year-old from making new music — or at least start thinking about it.

"I'm getting ready to start thinking about it," she told MTV News on the red carpet. "Because my record, it just came out and I'm trying to give my mind a second to like, 'OK,' because when I write a record, I write until I cannot write anymore, I drive myself crazy and then finally the album comes out and I give myself a few months off so I'm still in that time."

In the meantime, Swift, whose next fragrance Taylor by Taylor Swift launches this month, has been "BFFing it up" with tourmate Ed Sheeran. And when she makes her way up to Toronto, Ontario, for her next show, she'll also share the bill with newcomer Austin Mahone, who revealed he originally asked Taylor to collaborate on a single.

"My manager called me. They are like, 'We originally wanted to get a song with you and Taylor,' but Taylor's manager was like, 'Forget the song, let's go on tour,' " Mahone told MTV News earlier this spring. "I'd rather go on tour than do a song. You know, a song might come out of that.' "

So who knows, maybe T. Swift will find the time to help the "What About Love" singer with his request ... that is, if he finds the courage to talk to her about it.

"We're still working on that," Mahone replied sheepishly during his "Live from MTV" livestream when asked if the songwriting opportunity had come about. "I've gotta, you know, ask her. I think she'll say yes."