Channing Tatum Gets Crazy With Pair Of Scissors In 'White House Down' Clip

You won't want to mess with Jamie Foxx and Tatum after seeing this exclusive clip.

Jeopardizing the safety of the free world may be a big deal, but according to Jamie Foxx's President Sawyer in "White House Down," there are some lines that cannot be crossed.

In Roland Emmerich's new film, the president and an aspiring secret-service agent named Cale team up after a mysterious terrorist launches an attack on the White House. In an exclusive new clip from the film, the duo face a pair of killers with enough firepower at their fingertips to take down the building by themselves.

As Cale races to safety behind a kitchen counter, a black-clad killer opens fire on him, following his movement with a seemingly nonstop trail of bullets. Meanwhile, Sawyer battles against his own foe for a gun that's just out of reach, eventually succumbing to his frustrations after his opponent grabs his sneakers.

"Hand off my Jordans!" snaps Sawyer, kicking the man in the face and immobilizing him.

Sawyer grabs the gun and runs to help Cale, who attacked his adversary when he stopped to reload, but found himself quickly overpowered. As he's held hostage, Cale yells to the president, thinking he can free himself. "Shoot, shoot!" he says as he struggles, before realizing that he's not going to be able to break free. "No, don't shoot," he says, acquiescing to his captor's viselike grip.

As the president puts on his glasses, contemplating what to do next, Cale seizes on a moment of inspiration and jams a nearby pair of scissors in the man's leg. The man's grip starts to loosen — but is it enough to save Cale if the president opens fire? Watch the clip to find out!