Seth Rogen Had No Problem Killing Off Michael Cera In 'This Is The End'

The film's co-director talks to MTV News about working with Cera and friends.

"This Is The End" boasts one of the most impressive casts ever assembled for a comedy. But even playing mock versions of themselves, one imagines that at least a few of them might have been reluctant to embrace the jerky personas they were forced to adopt for the film. Michael Cera, who plays one of the worst characters in the film, however, evidently leapt into the challenge with both feet.

"What's funny is how he had almost zero comments on it whatsoever," Seth Rogen told MTV News. "We sent him the script and I think we got back literally an email of him saying, 'I'm in!' And then we didn't talk to him until he showed up on set."

In the film, Rogen, Cera and their co-stars all play cartoonish exaggerations of themselves, in some cases feeding off the public's perception of them, and in others, such as with Cera, inventing an entirely different personality. Rogen explained that the rest of the cast had made comments about Cera in their scenes that the "Arrested Development" star eagerly interpolated into his performance.

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"We had filmed other people talking about him a lot, because we refer to him a lot throughout the movie," Rogen said. "So we were like, OK, he's just some of the stuff other people have said about your character — people have been happy you're dead, they think you're terrible, it's crazy. And he was like, OK, great, cool! And that was like it. We would say, OK, go! And he did it. Like it was crazy. He seemed to really enjoy doing it, in a sick way."

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