Kanye West Posts Mysterious 'I Am A God' Teaser Featuring Rick Rubin

Yeezy's website shows an intimate recording session for Yeezus.

Not all of us were fancy enough to get an invite to the Met Gala in May, so we had to rely on Vine to show us that Kanye West's premiere of "I Am A God" was confident, bold and LOUD. But the daring "I am a god" declaration isn't surprising for Kanye, who recently told the New York Times that he was the "nucleus" of culture and the "Michael Jordan of music." What is more surprising: a mysterious clip the rapper posted on his site Wednesday (June 12), where he tries out lyrics in a laid-back recording session with producer Rick Rubin.

The 30-second clip opens with a window view of a palm tree. As Rubin comes into sight, giggling and lounging back with his fuzzy beard free, fans get the feeling that the sun-drenched home shown is the Shangri-La Studio Yeezy explains in his recent interview. Kayne sits in an intimate group and spits a verse from "I Am A God" in a gray hoodie and headphones, laptop at his side.

"I just talked to Jesus/He said, 'What up, Yeezus?'/I said, 'Sh--, I'm chillin'/Tryin' to stack these millions/I know he's the most high/But I am a close high..." 'Ye finishes his verse, and he looks to his studio mates for feedback. Should he say, "billions" instead of "millions"? Nope, Rubin thinks "millions" would be more "relatable, more for the people."

'Ye sought out Rubin to help him pare down Yeezus, out June 18, and used the producer's trademark minimalism to transform the tracks he laid down in Paris.

"For him, it's really just inside of him," West told the Times about Rubin. "I'm still just a kid learning about minimalism, and he's a master of it."