Can 'Man Of Steel' Pave Way For 'Avengers'-Like DC Comics Series?

With Marvel's series of interconnected films enjoying massive success, director Zack Snyder reveals what DC needs to get right first.

After enjoying the continued success of Marvel Comics' shared universe of feature films, comic book fans are ready to see something similar done for DC Comics' roster of superheroes. Hopes were high that this could happen when "Dark Knight" trilogy director Christopher Nolan signed on to produce this summer's Superman film, "Man of Steel." Visions of Christian Bale and Henry Cavill suiting up as an all-new dynamic duo filled readers' heads, but as fellow producer Charles Roven pointed out at "Man of Steel's" premiere, Nolan's "Dark Knight" and DC days are done.

"The Chris Nolan universe ended — as far as Chris Nolan directing, for sure — but I think he's completely [done] with the 'Dark Knight' trilogy," said Roven.

Director Zack Snyder, however, sang a slightly different tune when MTV asked him about the possibility of a future DC Comics crossover following his "Man of Steel." With all of the problems Warner Bros. has had getting "Justice League"— a film that would team-up Superman and Batman with Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and others — off the ground, Snyder offered up what he believes to be the key to making the group of characters work.

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"Superman absolutely is the king daddy of the DC Universe," says Snyder. "If Superman works, you can really make a lot of stuff work in the DC Universe. When we have conversations about if there is more to do in the DC world, my answer always is, 'When Superman works you can talk about it, but until then you really can't.' "

So while Snyder isn't exactly confirming something like a Blue Beetle/Booster Gold buddy hero film, he is confirming that a more connected movie-verse could happen should his take on Clark Kent prove to be a hit. In the meantime, DC fans eager for references to other DC characters should utilize their supervision during "Man of Steel," as Snyder reveals that at least one reference made it into the film.

"Wayne Enterprises is, in a lot of ways, just me acknowledging that Chris [Nolan] is a cool guy," Snyder said, before making a slight clarification. "You can always read more into it than that, but that's kind of up to the individual I think."

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