'Man Of Steel': Amy Adams' Real Life Might've Changed Lois Lane Forever

'I never try to deny what I'm feeling, I try to use it in whatever I'm shooting,' Adams tells MTV News.

By her count, Amy Adams auditioned three separate times for the role of Lois Lane before landing the role in "Man of Steel," Zack Snyder's reimagining of the Superman origin story. Although she would have been thrilled to play the part before now, Adams told MTV News that she might have approached it differently — to her detriment — without the extra tries.

"I think that I was at the right time to try something new," Adams explained at the film's recent Los Angeles press day. "I think had I done it in the past I would have tried to emulate something I saw, or one of the comics. I would really be trying to emulate something as opposed to trying something new."

Adams credits David S. Goyer's script for giving her a new interpretation of the character to work with, but also indicated that becoming a mother helped alleviate concerns of being compared to the other actresses who inhabited the role. "Definitely the script was different — each character has such a humanity to it," she observed, "but also, where I am, being a mom, changed how I [played it]."

"Like, I still care what other people think," Adams admitted. "But it's not my main focus, where before I had a child, I was much more concerned with what people thought about me."

In the film, Lois tracks down Clark Kent at his childhood home in Smallville, but eventually decides not to reveal his identity — or his powers — to avoid the risk it may run in harming his family. Adams said that she could identify with her character's empathy, and routinely tries to inject her characters with the same sorts of feelings she may be going through when the cameras are stopped.

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"I think that you can't help but bring the person you are to a role," she observed. "I mean, everybody works differently, but I would say that what I'm going through in my life always somehow makes its way on screen through the choices I make or through whatever I'm feeling that day. I never try to deny what I'm feeling, I try to use it in whatever I'm shooting."

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